I was born and raised in West Texas where you can see for 100 miles. I can remember as a child that I was always given the task of creating birthday cards for relatives. I considered that a great honor, mostly because I got me out of doing the dishes. Every Christmas I would ask for art supplies. Art was the one thing that came naturally of me. 

While in High School I continued sketching and was privileged to receive an award from Hallmark for and entry in their drawing contest. I attended college and overloaded my schedule with art classes. As the years continued I dipped into many types of arts and crafts.

One by one I opened and sold a picture framing business, and a mini craft mall business. It seems that I love to get things up and running then sell them for a profit!  As my children entered grade school I learned the art of sign painting which was a wonderful home business. 

Eventually I went to work for an Optometrist running his optical lab. During this time period I took several graphic design courses which lead to independent contracts for website and illustration work.

I am a project driven crazy women who loves to try and make treasures out of junk, and all while being super thrifty. My current job is as a publicity/computer teacher at a private elemntary school. It is the first job that I can honestly say I use ALL of my God given talents in one day!

I hope that some of the information on my site makes your project a little bit easier! Enjoy yourself and get busy!


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